Services & Custom

         We provide extensive expertise in nanomaterials and battery researches. Our goal is to help our customers by accelerating commercialization of new technologies by offering advisory services, extensive battery expertise, and supply chain management to battery developers and start-up companies. We are providing following custom services. Please contact us for more information.

 1. Electrode materials

We provide a large variety of lithium ion battery materials with the flexibility to modify the composition, particulate size, size distribution and surface area. If you have a custom order, please contact us.

2. Battery Fabrication and Testing

We offers cost-effective and comprehensive battery fabrication and testing services, which include lithium-ion coin cell and pouch cell fabrication and testing. Please see our list for cells we covered and contact us about your requests.

3. Dry cells

We also offer dry cells (batteries without electrolyte) for testing of components and chemistries. Please let us know your required electrode makeup (e.g. LCO/graphite cathode), size, capacity, and voltage. Please keep in mind that available sizes and configurations will depend on our supplier’s manufacturing set-up at the time.