Atomaterials produces and distributes advanced nanomaterials for R&D in energy storage and batteries. Our high-purity materials covers a variety of materials, including graphene, Si nanopowders, 2D semiconductors, graphene, silicon nanopowder, nanowries and high-quality battery consumables. 

      Our strength lies in with our in-depth expertise in material science and battery product development. With our talented engineering and scientific team, we provide extensive technical support on materials and high-performance battery design. We supply high-quailty materials and  high-precision tools and equipments for our customers to build prototypes. All the tools and materials have been tested in-house with validated properties.

      We provide in-house service on battery-cell design, fabrication, and testing. Our service helps our customers to minimize capital and operation risks in building battery cells and generate prototypes for validation and evaluation in early-stage projects.